With more than 750 demos in Costco, Sam’s club and other venues, ZAAZ is the only vibration machine you can really experience in person 

ZAAZ is now the leader in vibration machines, demand is high (we recently opened a new Customer Service Department to handle it!), and we believe this is due in large part to the lengths we go to make sure anyone who might benefit from a ZAAZ can get their hands on it and try one out for themselves. While there are numerous vibration machines “on the market,” other brands aren’t actually “in the market.” On any given day, ZAAZ machines are in demonstration at one of 30+ Costco locations throughout the United States. Each of these demonstrations is hosted by a ZAAZ trainer, who will walk you through the many uses and benefits of ZAAZing. It speaks volumes about our commitment to quality that ZAAZ is the only machine of its kind endorsed by one of the largest retailers in the world, who has chosen ZAAZ as the brand they carry.

We are proud to have set the standard for in person, face-to-face demos, and are even more proud of our amazing trainers, who bring passion and enthusiasm to these demos every single day. Rather than pitch customers using over-the-phone tactics with no real way to back up claims, ZAAZ trainers will give you a hands-on experience with their devices before you buy. Not only will they demonstrate how to effectively and properly use the device, they will help you evaluate whether Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is right for you, and which model best suits your needs. And we have exciting follow-up interactions in the works to raise the bar even higher.

It seems like only a few years ago that ZAAZ first started offering live demos via a small kiosk in a Houston shopping mall. It made perfect sense, of course: if you are purchasing a vibration machine intended to increase overall wellness, you probably want to get out there and check it out firsthand. So many machines were sold out of that little kiosk that we embarked on a “road show,” taking ZAAZ to Sam’s Club locations all over the country. 2,000 shows later, we added Costco to the mix, and recently crossed the 750-show mark with that wonderful partner. People went crazy for the ZAAZ machines, creating the need for us to grow our sales force – if you’ve been to one of our shows, you can attest that this is a fired-up, knowledgable crew, committed to your wellness just like we were in that kiosk back in Houston. If we hadn’t taken that first step, we would never have made it to Hawaii, for example, where we now have a dedicated fan base!

Whole body vibration (“WBV”) is an exciting development in health and fitness technology. WBV machines are passive exercise devices that have been shown to round out strength and muscle training for fit users, and to effectively improve a host of other health challenges including diabetes, circulation, bone density, cerebral palsy, COPD, Parkinson’s and fibromyalgia. But there are a host of different machines and not all vibration machines are created equally. In general, exercise equipment is a significant purchase. But what you are paying is at least as important as the reason you are buying it – to preserve and improve your health. Not only are you interested in ensuring value for your dollar; you want to make sure you won’t injure yourself – and that you are using the product correctly.

So, when you want to try before you buy, remember that only ZAAZ has spent years doing face-to-face demos, improving customer satisfaction and customer service through these interactions. And looking ahead, ZAAZ is creating classes, training videos and one-on-one remote sessions, so you can be sure that the hands-on experience extends well beyond the demo. When you start ZAAZing, you’re part of a community!

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