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William S.


I first saw the machine at a Sam's Club. A sales person asked me if I wanted to take a ride. I was hooked. When I brought it home, my wife fell in love too. I think we have had it for about 2 years and use it at least or twice once a day (each). I personally use it every morning to help loosen up before and after exercising. Sometimes I get cramps and have found that it works the kinks right out.

Richard P.

Boise, ID

Just thought I'd let you know I play a lot of golf, about 5 times per week.  The past year my handicap has hovered around 17 -18.  We got our Zaaz machine around April 15th.  On that date, my Idaho Golf Association handicap index was 18.  On June 15th, my handicap had dropped to 13.

Betzy N.

I purchased in April of 2015 because I have a disabled daughter with cerebral palsy.  The machine helps my daughter with constipation and keeps her moving.  I also suffer from type 2 Diabetes and use it myself.  I am over the moon with how much I like this machine. I even have a small ministry and I introduce it to everyone who visits my home!

Brenda A.

Kiowa, CO

It’s expensive, and we struggled with the price, BUT after using it 2 or 3 times a day since ours arrived on March 17th, 2017, I wouldn’t sell it for twice what I paid for it. My ZAAZ 20K has changed my life! I’m 67.

Diana C.

Bangor, ME

Hello, Just a quick message to you about the great instruction I receive by Laurene at Sam's Club. She gave me great tips on using my Zaaz for specializing the experience on specific pain areas. It has enhanced my Zaaz experience greatly and I want you to know what a great rep instructor she was. Laurene thank you and Zaaz we are all enjoying this machine.

Pete C.

Scottsdale, AZ

I don't often write reviews or testimonials but this Zaaz 20K is a fabulous machine. I have a number of chronic medical issues that have relegated me to very limited activity and more or less, rendered me housebound. I met a wonderful sales person (Mia B.) at the Scottsdale Sam's Club a few weeks ago. She was so helpful and demonstrated the machine perfectly. Yes, I purchased it and I have been feeling better every day since. Not only am I feeling better overall, some things such as my blood glucose levels are getting better every day as well. That alone is a gift from the heavens for diabetics and for myself, especially. I have been on both toujeo 60 units and victoza 1.2 mg for the last six months getting overnight fasting levels near 200 in the mornings. The machine is giving me great numbers, low 100's to 130's. That's remarkable in my opinion and I can't tell you how excited I am. I will keep you updated to how my experience is going. Thanks Mia, you made all the difference in the world in my life, keep up your good work with Zaaz.

Marie M.

Gilroy, CA

I stand on my feet all day and have severe varicose veins that are very painful. I am happy to report that since using the machine daily, they have improved by at least 75%. It has made work so much more bearable and am shocked at the difference it has made.

Brenda A.

Love mine! I've had it exactly a month. I use it twice a day and feel a 100x better in every way than I did 30 days ago.

Bill M.

 San Diego, CA

I was drowning in my symptomology of osteoporosis, polymyalgia rheumatica, chronic pain, fatigue and generalize pain throughout my body.  Using the ZAAZ 2-3 times daily has given me relief I never thought possible. I have improved my focus because I don’t always have to fight the pain.

Maya M.

Alamo, CA

The ZAAZ has been very beneficial for me in many ways. I save a ton of time and get a harder workout on the ZAAZ. I do weight training, sit-ups, crunches, etc on a low number under 10. I also use the very high numbers when I need to unwind. I can hold on, close my eyes and meditate while most of the muscles in my body are moving. I personally am very happy with the machine.

Skye J.

Love my ZAAZ 20k! I jump on it every morning at least for a few minutes just to wake me up and it does the job every time! I also use it before and after my workouts to help get the blood and and lymphatic system moving. Helps me recover so much quicker! 100% suggest it to friends, family and everyone! 

Connie M.

The vibration of the machine works your entire body. We love ours. My husband had back surgery years ago. When he overdoes it he has pain in his back. It used to take days for him to recover. Now 12 minutes on the ZAAZ his pain is greatly reduced.

Donald B.

What I have noticed with the machine is that I am walking with more vigor going up and down the stairs due to the brain and eye connection that has improved significantly. Being 67, us old people tend to walk like robots. Less vigor, shuffling our feet and taking small strides because we are being more cautious. With using ZAAZ I am able to walk better. I am excited to see what else I will improve on and to be able to talk and share my improvements with you.

Victoria Zavala, MD

Bellissima Clinics, IL and TX

I am a believer in the ZAAZ WBV machine! Since using my machine, I have noticed significant improvements in my muscle tone. In fact, my personal trainer performed my body measurements and found that my right post-surgical leg (ACL repair) had gained in girth in the thigh area and is now equal to my left leg.

Anthony P.

purchased in 2013 and stated in 2017

One of the few things I ever bought that was any good.

Richard H.

Worchester, MA

It has significantly decreased the pain in my knees. I had given up going to my doctor who just kept telling me the same things with no improvement. After using the ZAAZ machine, I no longer need to take the 6-8 Aleve a day that I was. I was stunned when I tried it at Sam’s Club, and though the price seemed outrageous, I knew it was worth it by how much pain relief it provided me. I'll never give it up.

Gigi W.

I got my 20K almost two weeks ago and am already seeing some firming in areas I've never been able to firm before, even the muscles under my chin are tightening!  My bum doesn't even wiggle anymore!  I actually bought the machine for the lymphatic draining of toxins in the body that is causes (I'm in remission from a blood cancer) and the other cosmetic benefits that are happening are just a bonus.  I couldn't be more pleased.  Thank you ZAAZ!!!"

Sandra W.

Love my ZAAZ! Helps my circulation and oxygen levels and makes me feel better. Also no leg cramps at night!!!

David C.

Dallas, TX

This machine is great! I enjoy using it in my Dallas area home 8 to 10 times every week. The results are amazing. I easily lost 11 pounds in the first two months with no other change to my lifestyle. I also sleep much better at night and have more energy during the day. I am an engineer and was a bit skeptical of WBV technology at first but now am a believer and advocate!

Sarah I.

The first time I used it I had a crooked back, I leaned over forwards and my back was straight. I am able to go thru the grocery store parking lot like I am 20 years old again.

Connie M.

Aloha to ALL I live in Hawaii. I love my ZAAZ. my HDL went up 10 points in just 1 1/2 months in using the ZAAZ. I can exercise at home & it is so easy for me. I have the 20K. MAHALO

Gabby G.

London, UK

When I first saw ZAAZ Studios I thought it was a joke but after using the machine I realize it’s far from it. It works you hard and that’s all you need to know. 10 minutes on it will definitely get you fit with a steady work program. I love it!

Dena E.

San Francisco, CA

Over the years, my dad has had some medical issues: A stroke 10 years ago, an angioplasty 5 years ago and 3 years ago pneumonia put him in the hospital for 10 days. During that time he lost a lot of muscle mass, it was a long recovery and took weeks to help him walk again. He ended up breaking his rib and since then he’s only been able to shuffle-walk, as he’s not be able to pick his feet up.