You’ve just visited a Costco, where you tried out a ZAAZ vibration machine and spoke with one of our trainers on site. You leave the store and decide to do a little more research. So, you Google “ZAAZ Costco.” Suddenly, you are bombarded with ads purchased by our competitors, such as Power Plate. That’s okay, ZAAZ didn’t become the #1 selling Whole Body Vibration machine in the world by shying away from competition. In fact, we figure if other brands use ZAAZ as a search term, we should offer some side-by-side comparisons. How does Power Plate measure up against ZAAZ?

For one thing, the relationship between ZAAZ and its customers is a personal one, from the first time you try a ZAAZ machine, through delivery, set up and initial training, and through the maintenance of your fitness routines. Our goal isn’t to sell you a product, it’s to have a positive impact on your life and to help you create a new lifestyle. That’s why we’re the only vibration machine that customers can routinely try hands-on before purchasing, through the many demos we put on each month at dozens of Costco and Sam’s Club locations across the US. Some brands like to run a little interference once you leave the store, which isn’t a crime…it’s just not a relationship.

Oscillating vs. Tri-planar Vibration

One of the key features of the ZAAZ machine is its oscillating vibration system, which is gentler than the tri-planar, or linear, WBV (Whole Body Vibration) machines. The oscillating system is a plus for those with diabetes, for example, as it is low impact and easier on the feet than the tri-planar system offered by competitors such as Power Plate, where the plate is moving forwards and backwards, up and down, and side to side at the same time creating a three-dimensional, high intensity buzzing sensation. This form of vibration is generally used for advanced fitness muscle strengthening and advanced fitness purposes. Tri-planar vibration has the highest warnings contraindications of any type of WBV technology. Many studies have raised the concern that this high impact form of WBV causes excess vibrations traveling into the head, brain and eyes, as well as potential detrimental impact to the joints and spine.


Conversely, ZAAZ Oscillation Vibration (OV) Technology is the most gentle and advanced form of whole body vibration, with the highest range of benefits. ZAAZ machines work by creating alternating movement from left to right over a central point (a plate you stand on) that can be visualized as mimicking a see-saw or wave-like motion that delivers a high concentration of movement in the body. This activates the left and right hemispheres of the brain, creating patterning and synchronizing with the cerebellum. With each movement, your muscles respond automatically by rebalancing you on the plate. This occurs by engaging and disengaging, or contracting and relaxing the muscle by reflex. The movement of ZAAZing also forces the body to work twice as hard against its own gravitational pull, strengthening muscles in the process, resulting in toning and firming and assistance with weight loss.

ZAAZ equates the smoothness of the delivery of movement to the quality of the experience of using its machines. The shape of the oscillating motion of the plate determines how smooth the movement of the machine feels when one is standing on it. The smoother the movement the more comfortable and enjoyable it is to achieve the benefits the machine can offer.

Low Impact vs. High G-Force Vibration

By its own estimation, Power Plate machines apply between 1.8 and 6.4 G forces to your body (at sea level, 1G of G-force is acting on your body). The implication is that by doubling your body blankweight in terms of applied forces, you are giving your muscles a better workout. Some vibration machines use even more G’s, assuming consumers will always think more is better. At 3.4 G’s ZAAZ uses a more responsible amount of G-Force than other vibration machines, as an excessively high G-force can result in too much stress on the bones, joints and ligaments, and can be just as damaging (in an opposite direction) as the Zero G environment in which astronauts lose bone density and muscle mass. Consider: the current record for highest G-force on a roller coaster is 6.3, sustained only for a few seconds. Fighter pilots may have to take 8 or 9 Gs, in special suits to preserve circulation and consciousness*.

How did ZAAZ come up with 3.4 G’s? The G-force exerted on an object experiencing sinusoidal movement, such as an oscillating plate, is found with the following equation:

=1+(d/g)[(2*Pi*(Hz/2)]^2, G=9.8m/s^2

Extrapolated, the max G-force of a vibration machine at 10mm displacement (amplitude), at a frequency of 15.5Hz can be found with:

1+(.010/9.8)[(2*Pi*7.75)]^2 = 3.4g

Obesity and Balance

Unlike Power Plate’s my3 and Personal Power Plate models, both of which have a maximum load of 264 lbs, the ZAAZ 15K and ZAAZ 20k can support up to 330lbs. The ZAAZ also features a frame for balance. This is not only logical but critical when using a machine designed to vibrate most of the muscles in your body. Why spend a thousand dollars or more on a machine that requires you to use a chair for support while using it??


A word about pricing. While you are asked to spend $1499 for the Personal Power Plate (the one requiring a chair for balance), the first model with a frame (the My3) sells for $2600. Compare these prices to the ZAAZ 15K at $2169 and ZAAZ 20K at $2569. (You could also spend between $13,000 and $15,000 for Power Plate’s top-of-the-line commercial machines, the only ones actually professionally reviewed. That’s a pretty wide range – the high-end model costing 10x what the starter model goes for. Must be a lot of G’s.) While Power Plate focuses on creating models for every price range, ZAAZ’s main focus is bringing customers the most effective, safe and versatile whole body vibration experience possible.

ZAAZ is a leader in affordability and quality, ensuring that you receive what we call your optimal “Wellness ROI”.

All of these considerations aside, what has really contributed to ZAAZ’s growing popularity is the satisfaction of our customers. There is no better confirmation of a product’s effectiveness as an exercise and therapeutic tool than the endorsements of its users:

“The ZAAZ has been very beneficial for me in many ways,” Maya M., of Alamo, CA, says. “I save a ton of time and get a harder workout on the ZAAZ. I do weight training, sit-ups, crunches, etc on a low number under 10. I also use the very high numbers when I need to unwind. I can hold on, close my eyes and meditate while most of the muscles in my body are moving. I personally am very happy with the machine.”

“It has significantly decreased the pain in my knees,” Richard H. of Worcester, Massachusetts, attests. “I had given up going to my doctor who just kept telling me the same things with no improvement. After using the ZAAZ machine, I no longer need to take the 6-8 Aleve a day that I was.”

Many, many more of these stories appear on our testimonials page. We are super proud of this testimony, because when ZAAZ first started, we had no idea the response – and the demand – would be what it is today!

There you have it. A little information, a little testimony, and a simple affirmation: next time you want to activate your muscles, relieve pain, or manage your weight, remember: it’s only ZAAZing, if you’re on a ZAAZ.

*Medical Daily, “What’s the Strongest G-Force Humans Can Tolerate?”

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