Whole Body Vibration (WBV) technology was created by NASA and the Russian Space Program to counteract the effects of zero-gravity on returning astronauts. Movements performed on an oscillating platform have been shown to be up to four times more effective than equivalent exercises performed on a stationary surface.

ZAAZ motion therapy technology gently and powerfully engages the muscles, joints, lymph and circulatory systems of the entire body, activating over 90% of all muscle groups and producing up to 30 involuntary reflexes per second. Results include burning fat, building muscle tone, increasing range of motion and relieving stress and pain in muscles and joints


    Muscle is known to burn more calories than fat as your metabolic rate increases, even while standing still. ZAAZ stimulates fat-burning in over 90% of all muscle groups, producing up to 30 involuntary reflexes per second.


    The massaging effects of ZAAZ motion therapy provide relief for stiff joints and muscles and help reduce tension almost immediately. Many people notice pain relief and increased range of motion, even with older injuries.


    Scientific studies have underscored the compelling results that WBV offers in areas of strength and rehabilitation. Around the globe everyone from elite trainers to people working with the elderly or those recovering from recent injuries have incorporated the use of ZAAZ technology for faster results.

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    ZAAZ works your muscles by gently forcing them to contract and release. This lengthens the muscle fibers and stretches them as the muscles let go. Just a few minutes of ZAAZ helps your muscles and joints become more limber and helps reduce inflammation or soreness after any other athletic activity.


    ZAAZ’s vibration plates are easy on your joints, allowing even those with chronic pain to enjoy the soothing benefits of motion therapy


    ZAAZ stimulates your cells, circulatory system and lymph system to increase blood flow, oxygen intake, and help flush out toxins. Enjoy sounder sleep and increased vitality.

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