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SANDIE H. – Center, TX

I am 73 years old and have COPD

It is always difficult for me to do any type of exercise without getting completely out of breath. I have used my 20K for three months and have been extremely pleased with the results. I wore size 16 pants when I started and a month later I was in a size 14. A month after that I was wearing a size 12. After three months, most of those new pants are very loose (not complaining in the least). I normally try to use my machine twice a day. I am not dieting only watching what I eat. I recently had my annual visits with three of my doctors and all were very pleased with my weight loss and general health. I am very thankful for the day I met the ZAAZ representative in a store and decided to try it. I had tried everything else but haven’t had the results I had with ZAAZ. I highly recommend this machine to anyone.

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