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RENITA Z. – San Jose, CA

Have owned my Zaaz for a few years but really started using it in 2016. I was around 165 lbs. the beginning of the year (2016) Lack of appetite (not due to physical illness or drugs) made me loose weight for months. I know that if I did not watch my body I could get sick, lose bone mass, mess up my blood sugar, etc. I started using my Zaaz 3-4 times a day. I did bending and mostly arm exercises and core strengthening type exercises. I am an alternative health practitioner and have a huge array of products I carry and sell. So I took some essential products and used the Zaaz. I went from 165 to 113-115lbs. I have maintained this lower weight for a little over a year now. The only exercise I have done since January 2016 is the Zaaz and about 5 walks around the block with my dogs. I am going to be 68 in Oct so you get a better picture of me. I went on a road trip the beginning of August (2017) and walked up inclines, stairs, kept up with my 24 year old nephew and never was out of breath or sore. I believe I owe my strength (and my core is very good) to using the Zaaz. I never had a hypoglycemic or other blood sugar issue the whole time. I tell everyone about it and encourage people to get it. So if you need someone to declare the amazing qualities of this machine I certainly can testify to it.

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