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Is Vibration Therapy Just for Athletes?

Many athletes use vibration therapy to boost their performance, aid in recovery, and prevent injuries. But is it just for athletes?

What is Vibration Therapy?

Whole body vibration is a motion therapy that moves the body in a natural way, the way that it is meant to move. The body understands this movement and absorbs it therapeutically.  When using an approved whole body vibration therapy machine, over 90% of all muscle groups are activated and can produce up to 30 involuntary reflexes per second. Whole body vibration increases blood circulation, reduces pain symptoms, and helps loosen your muscles and joints.  The improved range of motion can aid in a reduction of inflammation and tension.

Why Athletes Use Vibration Therapy

Athletes notice that they have an increase in speed and stamina, a boost in power, coordination and balance improvement when using a whole body vibration device. They also report that it prevents lactic acid accumulation or muscle fatigue when using vibration therapy, a big plus both on and off the field.  A decrease in recovery time, injuries, and stress fractures have also been shown in numerous studies.

Motion therapy can also result in increased flexibility and a breakdown of scar tissue.  As the muscles contract and release, the muscle fibers stretch and lengthen, releasing tension as the muscles let go.  Athletes report that vibration therapy integrated into their training routine dramatically reduces their chronic injuries and spinal misalignment.

Is it Only Good for Athletes?

I am not an athlete, can it help me?  The answer is absolutely! If you’re suffering from an illness or injury, or just have a busy life with not enough hours in the day to exercise, vibration therapy is a great starting point for your healing and recovery. One 12-minute vibration session per day can help with a host of physical improvements and overall wellness.

Can you use it if you are a more sedentary person?

Yes! Oscillation vibration plates are easy on the joints and provide low impact movement to improve overall wellness. The ZAAZ 20K whole body vibration therapy machine helps you get the activity the body needs without the rigors of traditional exercise. It allows you to sit or stand based on your mobility and physical needs.

Get a Vibration Machine to Begin Your Exercise Routine

As a consumer, you need to do your due diligence when looking into purchasing a whole body vibration machine.  Carefully check the quality of the product, the technology offered and the reputation of the company.  ZAAZ Movement is a leader in the whole body vibration movement industry, with a goal of helping you dramatically improve and increase your quality of life.