“Don’t fear exercise, as it’s one of the best things you can do for your heart.” — Cardiologist James Beckerman, MD.

Most of us have been taught that working hard is working well. In some cases, that’s true. However, all will agree that the ideal approach is to work smart. No one can appreciate that notion more than patients with heart disease. If you’re such a person, you want to have a healthy lifestyle, now, without fear of injury or a heart attack. ZAAZ machines are low impact and do not involve running or jogging. Our patented Whole Body Vibration (WBV) equipment utilizes an oscillating platform to produce up to 30 involuntary reflexes per second, activating over 90% of all muscle groups in the human body at once.

It’s not a stretch (no pun intended) to say that some exercise is good for your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, energy level, and attitude, among many other benefits. Experts already you shouldzaaz-15k-branded-shadow gradually work up to an aerobic session lasting less than 30 minutes, three to four times a week. Whether it’s walking, using resistance bands or light weights, doctors always advise taking it slow, increasing exercise a little at a time, and not pushing yourself too hard. They also encourage yoga, stretching, or tai chi (though you should avoid hot studios, which could be dangerous for some people with heart disease)*.

When you step on any of the ZAAZ machines, you do so knowing that all of the above prescriptions have been taken into consideration. With 8 presets, and 70-90 speed settings (depending on whether the ZAAZ 15K or ZAAZ 20K is right for you), our equipment ensures that you will be able to exercise safely and effectively. Consider one of our exercises: Stand on the machine in a pelvic tilt with your arms extended straight out. Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle as if you are holding the ends of a stick resting across your shoulders. Keeping the chest lifted, look straight ahead as you bend forward at the hips, with a straight back and the abdominals engaged. Hold 1-3lb weights in each hand (optional).

Perhaps the best thing about stepping on a ZAAZ machine is that you can take that first step to fitness without fear. Each step thereafter can be taken with confidence, knowing that you are doing the best thing for your heart, mind and body.

*Source: WebMD

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