“I know I’m getting old, because every time I have a bowel movement, my back cracks.” That’s middle aged comedian Jimmy de la Forte making a joke, but as we know, the funniest ideas have more than a kernel of truth inside. Our bodies do send messages, and at a certain point we’d do well to start heeding them. When your body beseeches you to provide a low impact, safe exercise to help you stay fit and healthy, it’s time to put a little ZAAZ in your regimen. Not pizazz (although that’s important too!). ZAAZ. As in ZAAZ machines.

Book_ZAAZ machine 20K and the ZAAZ 15K – increasingly known simply as “that Sam’s Club exercise machine” – is the #1 name in Whole Body Vibration (WBV), a state-of-the-art therapeutic technology that supports a wide range of health and fitness goals. Working with experts in fitness and sports medicine, ZAAZ has furthered development of the WBV movement begun in the 1960s. Low injury has always been a priority, of course, as has fitness and the treatment of numerous ailments. While it may seem tough to convince some younger people of that fact, “age” is not an ailment. It is, in fact, the only path to wisdom! And the wiser you get, the more you want a healthy vibe in your life: a means of maintaining fitness and improving your health without the risk of hurting yourself.

Dena E., from San Francisco, CA, shares this inspirational story about her father’s journey to revitalization:

“Over the years, my dad has had some medical issues: A stroke 10 years ago, an angioplasty 5 years ago and 3 years ago pneumonia put him in the hospital for 10 days. During that time he lost a lot of muscle mass, it was a long recovery and took weeks to help him walk again. He ended up breaking his rib and since then he’s only been able to shuffle-walk, as he’s not be able to pick his feet up. I have tried to keep him exercising on the treadmill, but he could only go for 2 minutes at a time because his legs would get exhausted, in addition to not being able to squat down and get himself back up.”

Sound familiar? If you are caring for an elderly parent or are getting on in years yourself, chances are, it does. But that was the beginning of the story. Things took a turn for the better, when Dena discovered the ZAAZ machine at their local gym:

“The first thing I thought of was my dad, I thought that this MAYBE could give him some sort of jump start towards strengthening his legs, at least so he could start to walk longer on the treadmill. I had NO idea the improvement I would actually see. In four days he’s walking not shuffling, and he’s been able to get up out of a chair without using his arms to push him up. He’s also able to squat down and pick his water up off the ground and stand back up without help.”

In her testimonial, Dena goes on to comment on the unbelievably quick progress her father made, how he can now walk “12-15 min on the treadmill without his legs getting fatigued.” Perhaps, the most moving statement – and the one most relevant to the geriatric community – is Dena’s gratitude to ZAAZ for “the knowledge that has gone into this machine to allow my dad to get his independence and life back. Thank you!”

The moral of this story is, you’re never too old for safe exercise, especially the kind that’s designed especially for you!

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