DR. JOHN BOREN, MD - Brookshire, TX - ZAAZ Movement

DR. JOHN BOREN, MD – Brookshire, TX

Spinal Decompression Specialist, CEO Lordex Medical

I wanted to thank you for making the ZAAZ technology an available and affordable alternative to conventional fitness clubs. Unfortunately over 85% of the people in the U.S. avoid expensive health clubs because of numerous factors and individual health
and lifestyle issues. Luckily, with ZAAZ, issues like age, weight, and body morphology become non–issues. Many of my patients who may have otherwise been restricted or unable to exercise at all, can benefit from the technology without the risks posed with
lifting heavy weights or compressive impact jogging. With ZAAZ oscillation vibration technology, correction and stabilization/strengthening can now include a safe and effective method of exercise that can be done by people of all ages and physical conditions right in the comfort of their home. All without the ongoing expense of a trainer, therapist or expensive fitness club. I recommend it as an integral and easy part of any personal fitness program.

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