DANA B. - Washington, UT - ZAAZ Movement

DANA B. – Washington, UT

I have had my ZAAZ machine for 8 months now. I watched the demonstration at Costco, asked a lot of questions, then went home and researched it. Talked it over with my husband and the next day went and bought one. The main things that sold me on the machine was to help with my Osteopenia, rebuilding bone loss and building muscle. When I went for my bone density exam it showed progress. For my husband was for restless leg, neuropathy and weight loss. We have been using it faithfully everyday (except when on vacation) and loving it. Wish we could take it on vacation because we miss it. We both feel invigorated after each use. My husband has lost a couple lbs and inches off his stomach still more to go. I noticed my clothes fit better. Best investment we have made. Some nights when I can’t sleep I get on my ZAAZ put on highest speed 99 get a great vibration and good night sleep. The best thing is you do it in the comfort of your own home anytime day or night. I highly recommend the ZAAZ.

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