ZAAZ 20K Review: workout at Costco

ZAAZ 20K Review: workout at Costco

I’m not an exercise nut. If anything, over the past 20 years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the gym. I might go daily for a few months straight…but after a while, it takes so much time and effort to maintain the status quo – and ramping it up becomes too daunting! I’m too old to NOT be skeptical when I hear about a method to improve my physical fitness with less effort and less time. In my travels, I’d heard about Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and a host of benefits from sessions as brief as 10 minutes. But I’d never seen it for myself. I was at Sam’s Club in Torrance, CA, ostensibly to get a mattress for my back (but that’s another exciting story). I saw that they were doing demos of the ZAAZ 20K, which is a WBV machine. The short story is that I bought one, and I’ve written a review:

99 speeds – until you step on this machine, you can’t fully appreciate the scope of the workout this feature allows you, but compared to machines with much fewer options, the Zaaz machine 20k


REALLY lets you adjust the vibration to keep your body guessing and to suit your workout. Also, the more speeds the machine has, the less time it takes to transition as you’re increasing or reducing speed, and the whole “ride” is smoother. Consider that most WBV machines on the market have maybe 20 speeds. My ZAAZ (aka my “Sam’s club machine”, shout out to the store and Sol who did the demo) is also the only WBV exercise machine with a low enough speed to achieve negative gravity in 1st gear – meaning the speed is low enough that it creates a gravitational pull (think of a vacuum) to get your lymphatic system pumping, helping to rid your body of toxins.

DC motor – It’s worth noting that the DC motor is the highest-quality motor available, and it’s used in the ZAAZ 20K. I researched other WBV machines, which mostly use a cheap AC motor. Those will burn out faster, be less fluid in their motion, and expose the user to EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) – the DC motor used in the ZAAZ machines has no such risks or cons.

Sine wave – speaking of smoother motion, the ZAAZ 20K emits a linear S-curved wave that lets the ZAAZ plate glide in a smooth motion. As I said, stepping on two types of machines helps you understand, or maybe getting on the ZAAZ will do the trick and you’ll see what I mean.

Features – There is some great engineering on this ZAAZ 20K machine: a pulse reader, calorie counter, step counter and it automatically adjusts to accommodate the weight of the user. This means, that for people who don’t or can’t exercise a lot – or may be starting from a very heavy weight that makes exercise difficult, the ZAAZ 20K provides the same smooth motion no matter whether it’s 300lbs or 120lbs on the machine. Btw, people seeking low injury, safe exercise – but very high quality – will rejoice in the ZAAZ machines.

There are a couple of models to choose from: the ZAAZ 15K and the ZAAZ 20K. The ZAAZ Whole body Vibration Machine 15K has 70 speeds, 8 pre-set programs with speed changing every 60 seconds; the ZAAZ Wholebody Vibration Machine 20K has 99 speeds and 8 pre-sets, which change speed every 30 seconds. ZAAZ 20K has some more advanced technology, an estimated calorie counter and step counter, a pulse estimator (and the weight stabilizer I mentioned, which accounts for the different weight loads, adjusting to maintain the intensity at each speed while doing WBV workouts). The ZAAZ 20K motor is 7%-10% stronger and the sine wave feature (patent pending) are huge pluses, outdoing anything else on the market today.



    1. Thanks for asking: The ZAAZ 15K standard retail price is $2,169 and the 20K standard retail price is $2,569. Besides the broader speed range of the 20K being 1-99 over the 15K’s 1-70, the ZAAZ 20K includes several new features that the 15K does not have, such as a weight compensation sensor that adjusts the movement of the machine according to the users weight, calorie, step and pulse monitors, as well as an overall smoother and more comfortable oscillation movement. Hope this info is useful and that we are able to be a part of increased progress and wellness for you!

  2. Does it really help lose weight especially with stomach and lap handle. Is it worth buying? How much did you pay for 20 what k or is that machine speed?

    1. Yes, in fact in 2010 a study titled “Effect of Long-Term Whole Body Vibration Training on Visceral Adipose Tissue” was published in Obesity Facts. This preliminary study found Whole Body Vibration Training to be more effective at specifically targeting dangerous visceral adipose tissue, or abdominal fat that is correlated with increased risk of heart complications, than traditional exercise was. The ZAAZ 20K’s standard retail price is $2,569, but you should try contacting us directly by phone to see if we have any promotions going on when you’re ready to purchase. Thanks!

  3. Saw this at Costco Southcenter today, considering buying.
    Can you cite some studies that show the benefits of this type of training?

    1. Hi! Yes, in fact we have published an article on this page with numerous references. We hope it's helpful!